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okay so I just have to share this with the arashi world.

today I went to the east asian library at my uni campus, because I had to research a bit for one of my papers and well, I got a little distracted in between and started to look for books that focus on the topic of “idols in japan”. and I found.. arashi-related stuff. fandom stuff. fangirl stuff. in a scientific research book.

first I was just flicking through it, finding (among other things) those two pictures


I was like.. oh god how awesome is that? yay! and then I digged a bit deeper.. and found stuff like “member-ai” and “fanservice”…


at that time I was really surprised to read stuff like that.. I mean it’s nothing special, but it’s just totally unusual to find that in a scientific book. xD and even one certain ship served as an example.


I mean.. THEY EVEN QUOTED OHMIYA!! I was sitting in the tram while I was reading everything.. and I just really didn’t know how to react… on the inside I was like.. “OKAY WHERE IS THE SAKURAIBA SECTION” haha

and there was also this sentence that I cracked up about:

"Fans can, if they wish, frame the petite, quiet Ohno as a sexually aggressive seme or muscular and "mature" Sakurai as a willing uke."


I really wanted to just break out into laughter when I read this.. I never thought that research can be that freaking…. interesting. Let’s just call it interesting haha

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    I’d sure like to know this researcher… To go and analyze Arashi for their research, this person has to be dedicated.
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    This reminds me of the time I was researching boy bands for an essay comparing The Temptations to the Backstreet Boys,...
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